Friday, January 30, 2015

daddy's little ducklings layout sneak peek

hey you guys!!
(feel free to read that either as Chunk from The Goonies, or just as a regular, chipper greeting! your choice!)

today i have a layout up on the Butterfly Reflections Ink blog! holla!!
here's a little peek at what you'll find if you jump over there! :)

i have been wanting to make this layout since the summer, and i just LOVE it! totally captures this memory! 
so hop over to the Butterfly Reflections Ink blog, read about my super awesome layout, if you please, and then go shopping! it's so easy and so fun! 

...i heard Vanessa just got a bunch of new My Favorite Things stuff! :D


  1. Saw your full layout and it is absolutely adorable! LOVE how the little birdies are following the duck and the custom sentiment is perfect!


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