Friday, October 29, 2010

finally! - some sweater weather!

i was in florida this summer, and let me tell you, it's brutal in the summer!! hot and muggy everyday!! we recently moved to south carolina, and it's pretty much been the same! but today was a little different -a high of 70! alright! now you're talking! i took my little one to a new park i found (which was so rad!) and we stayed there for two hours!! that's how nice it was outside. *sigh*.

which leads me to my card! i was going to post a different card today, but in light of the fantastic day, and cool weather, i decided to post this card instead! it is for the moxie fab world, trigger tuesday challenge (sweater weather!). and since it was also christmas themed (and super cute, if you don't mind me saying!), i'm also going to enter it in the wee memories 'cute holiday' challenge (which i also entered earlier this week *whistle*).

here's the moxie fab, trigger:

a nice, warm, cuddly sweater. :) wouldn't you know i was taught how to kint a last year? ok, so i'm not sure how much i remember, but i do know it was surprisingly fun and fantastic! i found this scrap of when i was learning how to knit, and i thought it would be perfect for a sweater card! i mean, most sweaters are knit! :)

so anyway, in sweater weather, i love to cuddle in a blanket! and who better to cuddle down with than your honey? hence my card!

the sentiment (and the fab stockings which i paper pieced) are from the cozy christmas stamp set at lawn fawn (love it!), and it totally captures how i want to spend the christmas season! :)

i hope this card was able to make you smile! it makes me smile! it's so light and bright and i'm totally digging the happy colors!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

christmas card for dos challenges

last night i made this card for two challenges that are going on. the first one is 2 sketches 4 you and the other one is color throwdown! see below for the sketch and color inspiration:

great colors (i am after all in a christmas card making phase!), and great sketch! here's what i did:

i pleated the dark green patterned paper to make a fan, that i glued under the sentiment (which is from the cozy christmas stamp set at lawn fawn). i paper pieced the holly (also lawn fawn!) and adhered them down with glue dots. the funny thing is, none of the cardstock i used was from a chirstmas collection - but it so works!

i'm really trying to motivate myself to get some layouts done...but i just don't know where to begin!! i've never made a scrapbook for myself (but i have made loads of them for other people), so i have from the dawn of time until now worth of pictures! any ideas on what to start scrapping first?? i'm thinking i should start with my son (he's 2), but who knows?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cute christmas

this weeks challenge for wee memories is to create a card that's 'cute holiday' themed. that's right up my alley!

i used lawn fawn stamps for my card - shocking, i know! i paper-pieced the bunny/sled/scarf, which was super fun! and i popped up the scarf for an extra kick! then i stamped the sentiment onto red cardstock and adhered it down on a wave. i thought that since the bunny was (obvisouly) mid sled, i could make the sentiment look like it was moving too!

also, i totally glimmer-misted the sentiment. the white cardstock i used was thick, so i was able to tear it and create the 'snowy" look, which i love!

as you know, i love this color combination, and it was pretty fast to make - despite the paper piecing!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a happy merry christmas

i know people say this all the time, but this year really is flying by! i mean, it's almost halloween...and then thanksgiving, and then christmas, and then another new year!! yikes! time goes by so fast! whew!

anyway, i have another christmas card - yahoo! it's for two fantastic challenges: off the wall craftiness and get sketchy. see below for the deets (aka - sam talk for details):

i just love the color combination!!!! (maybe the only way to make it better is to add a little teal in there! lol)
ok, enough chitter-chat, here's my card:

i really like how it turned out - it's light, bright and christmas! what more could you want? ha ha!

i used my handy dandy circle punch to create the scalloped edge and hand cut the green circle (LOVE that green patterned paper, by the way!). the sentiment is from the cozy christmas stamp set from lawn fawn (naturally). i used a white ribbon to tie the bow, and then used some to go along the middle of the card. i also layered a thin strip of green ribbon on top of the white ribbon for some added fab.

i wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, but i think the colors and the sketch really work well together! i'm telling you, this card basically made itself!! :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

a playdate cafe hello

playdate cafe is celebrating their one year anniversary! yay for them!
below is their latest color challenge:

since it is for their anniversary, i wanted to make a card that was light, bright and happy! here's my attempt:

i saw these felt embellishments at pebbles (the new arrival - girl collection), and i thought, i can make something similar to that!! so i tried on this card! it was my first attempt, and i'm hoping to get better over time, i have some great ideas for these in future projects! :)

the sentiment is a wood stamp, and i put my glue right on the stamp and then stamped it. then i added the glitter! it's a pretty simple card, but i think it works, in my opinion!
i just love the color combination!


just a quick note

what an exciting weekend i had in the craft world this weekend! i was able to skype-scrap with danielle at girlracer scrap - so much fun! although...there are so many distractions i'm surprised we were each able to get anything done!

then, i won last week's challenge over at off the wall craftiness!! woo-hoo!!!

and as if that wasn't enough...hello! i am fab 5 over at 2 sketches 4 you!!! *insert squeal* ha ha!
so anyway, sufice it to say, i'm uber happy! :) i love all of these challenges, and have a blast making my cards!!

i'll be posting a card later on today - i just had to share the good news first thing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

a big wee memories giveaway!

have you made your card for the Wee Memories Scrappy Saturday challenge? i participate every week, i love it!

don't forget to get your card on, and check back tomorrow with the latest and greatest challenge! she's also having a huge (fast) gievaway on her blog today, so check that out too!
good luck and enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

spreading some joy

what a great card i have to share today! it makes me smile, it's bright and light and happy! ok, enough, on to the card!

i made this card for the 2 sketches 4 you challenge (see below) and the etsy inpsired challenge (my inspiration project from capturing creativity is also below):


ok, and 2s4y + etsy inspiration = my card!

isn't it happy! i know it's a little nutty to use a thank you card as the inspiration and then make a christmas card, but those colors were just too vibrant and happy - i had to use them for christmas!
i cut out a circle and put all different shapes/sizes of red buttons below to show through. and then i made that "O" an ornament (i used some black metal wire i had). i stamped the "J" and "Y" in black and then went over them with some black glitter, just to make them stand on their own a little more.

i used my circle punch to create the 'scallops' and then some red ribbon down the middle makes it look like a present!

so that's it! i hope it made you smile too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a simple and happy little card concoction

yet another card, that is not christmas-related...see? this is why i had to start so early! i knew i would get sidetracked! lol!

anyway, the card i made is for two challenges: wee memories (which is all about 'celebrating good times') and off the wall craftiness (color inspiration below):

i was a little stumped at first, but then i was able to get into a groove and create this cute and soft little card to give to someone when they are expecting a new 'little one'! :)

i cut the pennant out by hand and then popped them up for dimension. then i added some embroidery floss and bows to finish it off. i double stampes the sentiment to give it more depth, i don't know if i love it, but i had to try it out!

anyway, there it is, a simple and happy little card concoction! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

getting sketchy with play date cafe

i have a quick post of a thank you card that i made for two challenges! :) the challenges are get sketchy (see sketch below) and a color combination from the play date cafe (the swatch is also below).
i was going to make a christmas card, but i wasn't feeling it! maybe i'll have to play some christmas carols to get back in the mood! lol! anyway, here's my thank you card:
i glimmer misted the paper flowers and added some bling to them. i like how the sketch is very angular, but the flowers soften it up! plus, awesome colo combo, right? :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

happy winter

that's right, another christmas card done - check! :) and this time i used the sketch from everything but the kitchen sink's latest challenge. fun! here's the sketch:

i decided to go a little monochromatic for my card. how can i not, i love teal. love love love!

i used a 2 inch ribbon for the light teal, and a 1 inch ribbon for the dark teal. the stamps are lawn fawn - naturally. :) i immediately thought of pinstripes when i saw the sketch, so that's what i went with! :) both the sentiment and the background with snowflakes are popped up for dimension.

it's a simple card, but simple can be fun, right?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

feelin felty

i'm really getting to town with my christmas cards - it's so exciting! anyway, here's my latest card, which is for the most recent challenge at embellish magazine:

the colors are pink, brown, yellow and red, and you had to incorporate some felt into the card! i love it! i had a lot of ideas, but settled on this one with the snowmen!

the white snowman is felt (naturally) and then i used some found buttons to create the two little snowmen! i think the googly eyes and hand cutout nose make the snowman look quirky! but i like it! i also distressed the sentiment with my white ink pad, so it would look, 'snow covered'. oh, that reminds me, the sentiment is also seated on some dark brown felt. :)

anyway, just a quick post! is it starting to get cool by you? it's still warm here (low 80's most days), but i know it's getting cold up north - and if it is, i hope this card makes you feel right at home! :) ha ha!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

2s4y ornaments

i'm so excited that 2 sketches 4 you are having another challenge to pick some design team members! i know it's a long shot, but i definately still wanted to try out! here's the sketch for this weeks challenge:

there are so many things you can do with that sketch! i decided to flip the sketch on it's side and go the way of christmas (of course...) and i made ornaments! the large circle is a cut out on the front of the card. i covered a piece of cardstock with ribbon and then had it show from behind...i also used some foam dots to 'de-dimensional-ize' (hmm, not sure what the correct term is!) the ornament! then i used twine to dangle the ornaments.

i like that i used different shapes and styles of white buttons to represent other ornaments, too - adding some whimsy perhaps? :) the bow on the ribbon ornament was embossed with white and then popped up. and the sentiment was also embossed. both the bow and the sentiment are lawn fawn stamps (bows & holly and cozy christmas respectively)!

well that's it! thanks again!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a wee pink eek

one of my biggest fears (maybe THE biggest fear i have...ha ha) is spiders...*shudder* they're creepy, and crawly, and they walk with their 8 legs all gross-like...ew! so who would have thought i'd ever make a card with a spider on it?! i'm blaming wee memories and the challenge this week which is halloween! (well, we can also blame my pink stamper - she's having a giveaway related to halloween themed cards too!) tis the season, you know! :)

ok, on to the card!

so first of all, isn't it cuuuuute? i mean, the spider has eyelashes...i can't think of a better way to non-scarify a spider! lol! i made the spider web myself with some embroidery floss and a brad. it was tougher than i thought it would be!! lol! but i did manage to make it work. i was inspired by candy corns for the colors of this challenge, hence the ribbon choices! and the sentiment was made with black thickers!

happy halloween to everyone, and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a moxie fab and playdate cafe combination

ok, i just thought i'd sneak in another quick card in between unpacking and working since my little man(n) is dreaming up some inspiration for me.

anyway, this card is for two challenges! yahoo! look at me multitasking while multitasking! the perfectly placed pleats challenge in the moxie fab world and the play date cafe color challenge (green, white and melon) were the inspirations for this christmas card. first off, here are the color swatches for the play date cafe:

and here's super duper clean and simple card!

i used a rectangle of textured green cardstock and folded it over and over (think of a fan). then i flattened it out and used my circle punch (but only put the cardstock in halfway) to create the jagged edges (like a holy leaf)! then i had these really great pinky-red buttons for the holly berries!

the sentiment is by lawn fawn (of course! lol!) and it's from the bows and holly stamp set. it's just a really simple card, but i think it does the trick!

Monday, October 11, 2010

off the wall christmas

alright, i have to make this a quick post. i'm in the middle of moving to SC and there are boxes everywhere, not to mention a little one passed out on the couch. so since i have a few moments to myself, i wanted to post a card i made this weekend for the latest and greatest off the wall craftiness challenge. the colors this week were like a gold, white and brown. here's the inspiration photo and color swatch:

i'm still trying to crank out some christmas cards, so i wanted this one to be christmas themed as well! i am loving birds on a wire, and when i paired that with the musical patterend paper background, i wanted knew i wanted the sentiment to be music related. so i chose 'noel', a totally classic christmas song, in my opinon. and since the colors are also classic, i thought it was a good fit! :)

the music notes were created with a punch. and i cut one of them in half for the two single notes. the 'wire' is just some brown floss. and then i used a stamp for the bird and the sentiment, which was then distressed and then both were popped up for dimension. i also added some thin ribbed, chocolate brown ribbon at the bottom.

so that's it! sorry about the quality of the photo - i was rushed and things were being packed up behind me!! :)
hopefully things will settle down and i'll be able to get a little more scrapping done for posts! thanks again for bearing with me!