Saturday, July 31, 2010

let's get sketchy-cal, sketchy-cal

i wanna get sketchy-cal!
*sung to the tune of 'let's get physical'*

ok, so i decided to try my hand at this weeks Get Sketchy Challenge (GS #49). as soon as i saw the sketch, i immediately thought of a piano! so i made the bottom of the card look like a piano - check. all i had to do next was think of something to write on the card that related to's easier than it sounds. but i finally came up with this saying:

i used the sky blue ribbon and bunched it up at the end and i think that looks nice next to the raised letters of the word 'soul'. and then i used some of the sparkle gems to give it a little more of a classy feel (i thought it was classy anyway!). i mean, there's a piano, it must be a classy card. ha!

anyway, enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i'm a winner!

check it out - i just won my first challenge! remember the 'christmas in july' gift card holder i made last week? well it won!

the challenge was over at Pixie Dust Studios - check out my win --> here <-- and enter yourself in their next challenge! it's lots of fun!

thanks for sharing in my excitement!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

slow day *sigh*

here's a card i made a few weeks ago. i was trying out different techiniques, and this is what was created:

it was my test run with glitter and stamps. i wanted to see if i could color my stamp with my glue pen and then glitter it. it worked! the hibiscus stamp isn't really necessary on the card, but i felt it needed something else right above the heart. so, insert glittered hibiscus stamp.
the heart is cut-out of the red card stock, and i put ribbons underneath it to show through. the cut-out and ribbon technique i saw originally on Kristina Werner's blog and loved it! i fell in love instantly, and had to test it out! plus, i felt it really went well with the whole, 'surfer-thank you-groovy' type feeling the card has.

hopefully i'll get some more time to scrap this week. and i can post some new designs!
thanks again!

Monday, July 26, 2010

gettin' sketchy

well today i had a great day! i was able to go over to Danielle's (GirlRacer Scrap) this morning and get in some good, quality scrapping time! it was so much fun! her office is a haven of scrapping and craft materials! :)

while i was there, i made this card:

i really wanted to use the grey/yellow color combination, and this was the result. i used buttons to accent the card. the only other color used is pink, on the button by the sentiment. I popped up the sentiment (because you know i needed it to have more dimension!).

it turns out, this card fits in the latest challenge (GS #48) at Get Sketchy! i don't exactly have a bow, but i do have buttons! maybe that works!

i hope you enjoyed this card!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

card by request

so my mom asked me to make a card for her (one of her friends is having a minor surgery and she wanted a card for her). below is what i came up with:

it's just a simple card (seeme like most of my cards are simple), but i wanted to make sure it was exuded a sense of happiness. so i used bright colors and deconstructed a rainbow. who can resist smiling at a rainbow, right?

thanks again for looking!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

challenge 32 - gift card holder

well, i was finally able to create the gift card holder for the 'christmas in july' challenge at pixie dust studio. whew.

my first attempt, (as you may know), was a flop and i ended up tossing it into the land of misfit scraps. this attempt came out better. i believe. at least it's done! :)

and i can never resist using a gnome! this one is just too cute!

here is the front (with the gift card pulled out):

here is the back:

i used a toilet paper roll as the holder for the gift card, and wrapped it in 2 different ribbons.

i printed out the gnome on 5 different colors of cardstock. then i cut out each different color and then glued them all together on one - it adds a tiny more dimension that way, i think. i also glittered the little hat. :)

i hope you enjoyed my 'christmas in july' gift card holder. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

it's a two card day - EAD Designs Color Challenge

well, it's official. it's a two card day. who would have thought?

i saw over at EAD Designs they were having another color challenge, and i thought, i can do that one! the colors in this color challenge were: pink, grey, black & white.

i was inspired by dandelions. that image on the left is supposed to be one. the tufts were created by tying knots in stretcy fishing line. and then i used a pink ribbon and gray cardstock below the "friends" setiment. i also punched holes in the black cardstock to show more grey through.

you guessed it - i used more of Danielle's (GirlRacer Scrap) homemade glimmer mist too! did i mention how amazing it is?
i hope you like it!

a happy little accident

so last night i set out to make a card for a challenge - it's a christmas in july, gift card holder that pixie dust studio is having. it's the first challenge i have ever attempted...and perhaps the last! ok, maybe not. but still, i was unsuccessful, to say the least.

i had grand ideas about creating the cutest and most clever gift card holder ever conceived. about 2 hours into this, however, it turned out my dream fizzled. i couldn't get in the groove. i gave up on that one (for now), and started to make another, regular card instead!

i used glimmer mist that Danielle at GirlRacer Scrap made (visit her here!!), and sprayed the brown cardstock with it. it gives it just a light sparkle, and I LOVE IT. the blue petals were created by just spiraling out some oval shapes. and the pink heart leaves are just a punch. i used two different pink cardstocks and glued them together. then i raised the hearts and "miss you" to give it some more added dimmension.

so even though my gift card holder was a bust, i did end up making a cute little card anyway!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

another day, another card

here is another thank you card. i am really liking flock right now. it's very messy, but worth it! if you aren't familiar with flock, it's a technique that allows you to add a fuzzy, dimensional element to your project. on this card i used pink flock on the bird.

the clouds are stamped onto the paper, and then a few of them are raised to add more dimension (as is the bird).
i like to find sayings from stamps that i think are cute or funny and build a card around it. in this case, it was, "you're so tweet!".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

let's do this

i'm in a card making phase, as my husband puts it. it's true. the idea of creating a scrapbook at this point is daunting. where do i begin?! i've made many scrapbooks in my craft-life, but always for other people. not once for myself. to start now *sigh* is overwhelming. so i make cards. they have a beginning and an end. i like it. here is an example:

i made this card for my husband's parents. the word 'thank' is cut out from a picture of my father-in-law playing baseball with my son and huband. i used a cuddlebug folder for the light blue cloud. and the hearts were simply punched out.