Sunday, May 15, 2011


i finally finished the quilt for my best friend's baby!

well, actually i finished it last week, but i am just now getting around to post it, and think about crafting! oh well!

here are some pictures of it:

it turns out i really like some of the purple fabrics, so that helped!

it's just a simple quilt, and i tied it, so it made it easier. but i'm glad it's done, and i'm glad that some day little hannah banana can lay on it - because it is super soft!

well that's that!

hopefully the next post won't be so late and it will scrapbook related!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mia for a little while longer

i know i've been absent from my blog for a while, i hate it! but i've been so busy (like everyone!) with my in-laws here for the week before easter, and then we went to FL to visit my parents the week after easter. sheesh! that left zero time to craft!

we're back home now, and getting into the swing of things, but wouldn't you know, i stil haven't had time to craft at all! this time, it's because i put a restriction on myself: i MUST make a quilt before i reward myself with any scrappy time! :)

one of my very best friends ever, just had a baby girl (hannah elizabeth) yesterday!! this is their second child (two girls!). when their first daughter was born, i made her a taggie and a quilt. so i foolishly thought i should do the same for baby number 2...little did i know how much harder it is to do any sort of sewing with a 2 and 1/2 year old right beside me wanting to copy my every move! and as much as i would like him to make his own quilt...i think he's still too young! ha ha!

so, here i am. hannah is already a day old, and i have yet to start her quilt. the taggie is done though! here are some pictures:

i sewed on an 'h' on one side for her name, and a banana on the other side, because they are calling her hannah banana, how cute right? :)

the banana was actually inspired to me from lawn fawn's 'my silly valentine' stamp set! there is a banana on there with a face, and i tried to replicate it for the blanket! :)

then i used all of the yellow ribbon i had (and then bought some more!! because, the more widths, and textures the better!) to make it not only the softest and cuddliest blanket ever, but also a taggie! :)

so, i am not letting myself get sucked into the wonderful world of scrapping/cardmaking until i finish the quilt for hannah! it's so hard though!!

thanks for listening! :)