Friday, April 24, 2015

we all live in a yellow submarine!

**this is my 2nd post of the day! to see my NND Inky Paws card scroll down, or click here! thanks!**

a yellow submarine!!
first of all, i LOOOOOVE the beatles. LOVE them. need a refresher on this song? cool - just click here!! then you'll be singing it all day, like i am!

so of course when i saw the submarine image on Underwater Love, i HAAAAAAD to make it yellow. I HAD TO!! ha ha!

check out my card on the Create a Smile Stamps blog to see the whole card and to read about how it alllllll came together! :)

thanks so much!
oh, and did you know that Butterfly Reflections Ink is selling Create a Smile stamps now?! it's the only place in the US that you can order the stamps, and that's awesome! :)



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