Wednesday, April 8, 2015

countdown to the Create a Smile April release!

ok, my post is late! 
ack! and i have that feeling of when you wake up in the morning and forgot to set an know the feeling. when you wake up in a panic and that rushed/panicky feeling stays with you all day! lol! sigh. oh well!

anyway, Create a Smile stamps is counting down to they're april release! and.what.a.release!!!!!!!!!!!!
people, it's my favorite yet!! 

i have a card showing off one of the new sets on the Create a Smile blog today!

yes, see those narwhals?! THEY'RE SO CUTE!! i just love them! i had to had to had to use them!
you can check out the whole card on the Create a Smile stamps blog. and while you're there...PLEASE look at Yoonsun's card. IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY.

my socks are still knocked off - and i just go back and look and look and look! it's INCREDIBLE! you'll see.

anyway, this stamp set and two others will be ready to be ordered for you on Friday!!!!!! so exciting!
thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Saw your card on the CAS blog yesterday!! Love it!!
    Fab background!!

  2. oh my SWEET. I love this. Seriously can't wait until tomorrow to pick up some new goodies:)

  3. yet another one of your cards that totally awesome!! :)

  4. This card is absolutely adorable! I love all of the fun texture.. the waves are perfect. And the narwhals? ADORABLE! Super cute card :)

  5. Stinkin cute!!! Love the texture, such a fun card!!


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