Saturday, July 31, 2010

let's get sketchy-cal, sketchy-cal

i wanna get sketchy-cal!
*sung to the tune of 'let's get physical'*

ok, so i decided to try my hand at this weeks Get Sketchy Challenge (GS #49). as soon as i saw the sketch, i immediately thought of a piano! so i made the bottom of the card look like a piano - check. all i had to do next was think of something to write on the card that related to's easier than it sounds. but i finally came up with this saying:

i used the sky blue ribbon and bunched it up at the end and i think that looks nice next to the raised letters of the word 'soul'. and then i used some of the sparkle gems to give it a little more of a classy feel (i thought it was classy anyway!). i mean, there's a piano, it must be a classy card. ha!

anyway, enjoy! :)

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