Wednesday, July 28, 2010

slow day *sigh*

here's a card i made a few weeks ago. i was trying out different techiniques, and this is what was created:

it was my test run with glitter and stamps. i wanted to see if i could color my stamp with my glue pen and then glitter it. it worked! the hibiscus stamp isn't really necessary on the card, but i felt it needed something else right above the heart. so, insert glittered hibiscus stamp.
the heart is cut-out of the red card stock, and i put ribbons underneath it to show through. the cut-out and ribbon technique i saw originally on Kristina Werner's blog and loved it! i fell in love instantly, and had to test it out! plus, i felt it really went well with the whole, 'surfer-thank you-groovy' type feeling the card has.

hopefully i'll get some more time to scrap this week. and i can post some new designs!
thanks again!

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