Thursday, September 1, 2011

a taggie frenzy

here's a quick post for today! it's not even scrap-related! :(

but i wanted to share that i've been at least a little crafty lately! a good friend of mine from college just had a baby girl, and i made a taggie for her! she didn't have any specific themes or colors, so i just picked a very girly, soft and fun print of fairies! i liked that i was able to use all different colored ribbons for the tags!

i also made a taggie for a friend of my husband's long-time family friend - who is just about to have a little boy. they did their room with clouds on the ceiling, and curious george. well, unfortunately i couldn't find any curious george fabric by me, so i just chose this fun monkey fabric!

i really liked how they turned out, they're both fun and soft! perfect for little ones to lay on and learn the world!

i hope to be able to get down and dirty and scrappy soon! i've started a few projects when i have 5 or 10 minutes here and there. but i haven't been able to finish anything! it's sort of frustrating! ha ha!

anyway, enjoy!

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  1. They are adorable! I am surprised that you have been able to get those done with everything your juggling!


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