Thursday, August 25, 2011

melted crayon fun

well, i finally have another post! it's been sort of hectic here; we do things all at once, or not at all! ha ha!

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i just had another little mann 3 weeks ago- he's super cute, and so happy!

my other little mann started preschool (he's 3), for the first time this week, and i have been a wreck! heaven help me when he has to go to kindergarten! i just won't think of that yet! :) anyway, we're also moving (into a house, and out of this apartment)! see? i told you, we do everything all at once in this family! whew!

so because of all that, i've been a little sidetracked and haven't been able to get as crafy as i would like. which is awful, because i'm still thinking of fun projects and things to make for challenges! i'm waiting for my routine to settle! :)

ok, so anyway, this project i made isn't a paper crafts, but i thought i'd share it anyway! my mother in law came from CA and stayed with us for 2 weeks when nolan arrived, and my mom was here for almost a month helping us too! it was so nice to have both grandma's here! i don't know what i would have done without them! so i wanted to make a gift to show them how much i appreciated their help! and i saw this all over pinterest and thought...i can totally do that, and then alter it as a thank you gift!

so here it is, melted crayon art:

it is seriously so easy. all i did was glue gun the crayons on, in the order i wanted. then i used my heat embossing gun to melt the crayons - which literally took less than a minute! and it cools just as fast too! *oh, side note here - you may want to make sure you have some tin foil under your canvas when you melt the crayons...let's just say my kitchen sink is now crayon-wax color-tastic! oh well! ha ha!!

then i painted my little menn's hands in white and pressed them onto the canvas. done and done! it was super fun and easy. and it will add a lot of color to the grandparent's walls! :) i am going to make one for myself to have too, but i think i'll do just teals, yellows and greys. i know odd color combo, but i love it right now!

well, more later (i hope)!



  1. I <3 it!!!!!!!! It's so bright and cheery!

  2. Cute idea...I saw this linked from Be Different Act Normal.

  3. thanks for the idea this will make a great mothers day and grandma's day gift.

  4. never thought of the hand idea

  5. Very nice! Love the handprints!

    1. hi that looks really cool! what did you melt them onto?

    2. canvas or really thick paper works the best. I also think it is best to put paper under the canvas or paper because the crayon splatter is also cool looking

  6. How did you do the handprint one???:)


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