Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some Sweet Planner Accessorizing

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heeeeey! today i have another post up on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog! yahoooo!
and this one is all about accessorizing your planner!
i used four different Sweet stamp sets: Unicorn, Girl Power, Mush Day and Perfect Panda.

personaly, i only decorate the month spreads of my planner...i don't have time for the weekly pages. and i think, that's ok! i really only do the monthly pages as a form of art journalling, and testing techniques anyway! but i still want color and FUN on my devoid of fun, weekly pages.
enter DIY paper clips!

you know i had to use that unicorn! ha! CUTEST IMAGE EVER! lol!

so head on over to the Sweet Stamp Shop blog to read all about how i made these, and more!


  1. OMG! That unicorn is the cutest image ever! Love how you created these paperclips. I am heading over to the Sweet Stamp Shop blog to check out the deets!

  2. well these are cutest ever!!!

  3. This is sooo great! I'm still waiting for my stamps - in Germany the mail is still on strike :sigh:
    But as soon as I have my hands on then, I'll try this :)

  4. These are just too cute and clever!

  5. Do you mind telling us the colors you used on the unicorn? I just love it!


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