Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i heart sweater weather

it's no secret that fall is by far my favorite season (as it is for most people, i think!)! so it's sort of disappointing that, living in SC now, there is no fall! i'm used to michigan fall - the changing of the leaves, a bonfire in your backyard, and hoodies!! oh, how i miss hoodies! :)

anyway! this was the mindset i was in while making my card for the latest challenge over at lawnscaping - texture!! i LOVE texture in a project (and my project for the lawnscaping fall blog hop this weekend is all about texture too!! so be sure to join in on that fun!)

so, here is my card - get ready to cuddle up under a blanket! lol!

i used some sweater-looking paper for my base, and i was cracking myself up using the argyle patterned paper to spell out the word 'sweater'! ha ha! also, i just love giving the little fire guy the ear muffs! he he! it makes me giggle!

the little guy is paper pieced, and the ear muffs are flocked! they're both also popped up for dimension.

i thought the sentiment is perfect to welcome in fall! and i'll be jealous of all of you who are in sweaters right now! today it's supposed to be in the 80's here with 95% humidity! lol! gotta love the south! ;)

*ps - for some reason i could NOT rotate that picture! sorry!!!


  1. This is so fun, I love it! The little fire with the ear muffs makes me giggle too, so adorable! Love all the texture details too

    Here, the first day of Fall the weather changed completely to a typical Fall weather and I'm enjoying it a lot :)

  2. omgosh!! the ear muffs are darling :)) along with all your other textures too!! thank you for playing a long with us at lawnscaping!

  3. wow, what a cute & clever card. Love the sentiment :)
    Thanks for playing with us at Lawnscaping
    xx Tamara

  4. I would just die without Fall! And I'm currently wearing a sweater too! But get this, yesterday the temp was in the 80's and this Saturday, the forecast has SNOW! The trees are still green! What happened to FALL??? LOL. I digress. Adorable card, I love how you used funky patterned paper! Thanks for playing with us at Lawnscaping :)

    1. omg!! that is CRAZY weather!? i would LOVE if it snowed here!!!! i've only been in SC for about 2 years, and last christmas it was 70!!!! not even a hint of wind chill! sigh. is it weird that i'm jealous of your weather?! lol! thank you for your sweet comment! and long live hoodie weather!! :)

  5. OHHHHHHHH! What a fun card--LOVE that sweater paper! TOTALLY knocks my socks off! LOVE the campfire with the earmuffs! LOVE!!!

  6. Wow, this is so cute! The argyle letters are so cute and I like the ear muffs! So much texture! :)

  7. How cute is this Sam!! AAAH! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pieced custom sentiment and loving that background paper! This card is BRILLIANT!

    Thanks you so much for joining us Lawnscaping gals for our texture challenge!!

  8. Sam, I LOVE this! So, so much! Absolutely perfect for this challenge. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!


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