Tuesday, March 8, 2011

monster love

i don't know why i'm racing to submit this card, but i am! how does this happen?? time just slipped away from me!
luckily danielle from girlracer scrap and i skype-scrapped tonight and i was able to get a little crafty in a short amount of time! but i'm thankful for even that!

anyway, the card that i squeaked out tonight is for the playdate cafe and their color splash challenge:
the card is also for a chance at paper smooches to be a guest designer!! super exiting!

the most exciting thing to me is that i was able to get my paper smooches stamps a little more inky! and obviously, the 'color splash' i chose was pink! :) here's the card, in all it's glory:

i like it, because the monster is in love with the apple! or maybe he just thinks he's in love because he's hungry! either way, it's meant to be light-hearted and cute! :) you may not notice at first glance, but i altered the monster stamp from paper smooches. the stamp has the monster's hand going up and down (with the hand towards the bottom), but i altered it so the hand was going to the side (like he was reaching for the apple) and i even added another arm! all i did was ink up the monster and then us a baby wipe to wipe away the ink from the arm. then i stamped the image. then i inked up the stamp again, and used the baby wipe to remove all the rest of the monster except for the arm. rinse and repeat for two arms! :)

the heart is also from the 'falling for you' stamp set from paper smooches, it's the stained glass looking heart, but i just flocked pink all over it!

well, that's my card, in a flash! :) i hope it made you giggle!


  1. Cute card Samantha! you still had a little while to spare :) love the pink splashes there... Thanks for joining us at the Play Date Cafe!

  2. Sam this is SO cute!!! I love the whimsy of this card! Great job, and good luck! =)

  3. I think your striped monster and my polka dot monster would make monstrously cute couple! LOL! LOVE how you did his arms!! Cute! Glad you came to splash with us at The Play Date Cafe!

  4. Oh! The combination of your papers; that sweet, little monster; the apple; and that, completely, PERFECT sentiment has me oooing and ahhhhing all over the place! Thanks so much for playing along with us, this week, in The Cafe!

  5. EAK! This is so cute! Can I touch the heart? Can I? I didn't even get a sneak peak at this last night, ugh! i do like how you reversed the color splash and made it more the background instead of the foreground!


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