Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a wee one's valentine's day

so, i meant to post this on valentine's day...but it slipped my mind! sorry! so this valentine's day post, is a little late! oops!

today's post isn't a card i made...not really anyway. it features the valentine's my wee little mann made for the people closest to him in his life! :) i pre cut everything out, but he did all the glueing, glittering, and stamping (he also picked out all the colors)! and let me just mention a little side note here...if you think scrapping is messing when you do...just imagine a 2 and 1/2 year old loose with all of the supplies! ha ha! end result: he had a blast! :)

here are some of his creations:

the inside of the card was stamped with lawn fawn's 'my silly valentine' stamps! i used a little heart brad in there too. then my little one 'signed his name' (read: scribbled all over the inside with a colored pencil). :)

the back of the card is a little gnome stamp that danielle at girlracer scrap gave me a while ago! (that little bugger has reminded me of gnomes since the day he was born, hence a garden gnome)! :)

anyway, that's that! maybe it put a little smile on your face! :)
(i hope to be back soon with an actual post from me...fingers crossed that little one lets me!)


  1. Tell Lil Mann, that his Valentine is on my fridge!!! And he is a super star crafter!

    PS: sorry this was delayed, my ipad will not let me post comments anymore ;-\

  2. Lil Mann did a great job on his V-Day cards! He is gonna be crafty like his Mommy!

  3. Jackson's Valentine is on my fridge with his photo too! I love it! Ryan calls him my "other boyfriend." It cracks me up that it says, "Be mine, or else!" :)


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