Sunday, November 21, 2010

a departure from the ordinary

ok. so i'm usually a card person. i mean, i love all kinds of crafts, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, kitting and cardmaking - i'll give anything a try! but in my entire scrapping-span i've only ever created scrapbooks for people. i love doing it! it gives me a goal and i just love looking at the finished project with them! :) but alas, i have none for myself. so i always wondered, if i were to start scrapping, where do i begin? i have my entire college days, marriage, moves, my son's life, more moves...! i mean it's overwhelming to pick a time to start scrapping for me, just for fun! :)

but i decided to just pick a time, and do it! so here it is! my first layout for me! i picked these pictures because it's been 2 years since one my bff's had (without going into too many medical details) a riduclously risky and radical surgery to remove her ridiculously rare and scary cancer - she survived! and has been cancer free for 2 years, so in honor of that, i decided to make my first page for her! :)

the sketch i used is from a new layout challenge i found (or danielle from girlracer scrap - i can't remember who found it!!) called pencil lines! and here it is:

here's my layout:

now be nice! i like it, but it's a little crazy, i think the b&w paper might be too much, but i couldn't stop using it! :) ha ha!

i made some more of my felt flowers and for the title 'team angela' i found some purple netting (you know, the kind that would hold marbles...or candy...or something like that) and put it around some white cardstock. i think it's awesome!! ha! there's also a 3rd picture of my husband, son and i wearing the 'team angela' t-shirts hidden as a tag with ribbon poking up. on the back of that is more journalling. i had to add the yellow ribbon because that's the color for childhood cancer - and that happened to be the kind of cancer she defeated (despite the fact that she was diagnosed at the age of 26!). i told angie that i made her a page, and that i made it in purples (her favorite color, and - fun fact alert - my least favorite color to craft with), but her yellow cancer ribbon totally clashed with my vision. we laughed about it, what else can you do? i just told her, cancer sucks and ruins everything. ha!

anyway, there it is! and tomorrow i'll be back to posting more cards! don't worry! :)
hope you guys had a great weekend!

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  1. I love it!! Of course!!! Hmmm, I need to come up with another lovely saying!! Your "found" object is great!!!! And your felties!! I still haven't made any yet! But, I will! I love that it's a FAMILY layout, even with Pheeny :-)


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