Wednesday, September 8, 2010

embellish magazine challenge

i'm so excited about this card! i made it for the embellish magazine color challenge using squares. check it out:

first of all, what's not to love about this color combination? it's fantastic! i love the added idea of using squares. i had some other ideas for creating my card, but went this way instead! either way, i knew i was going to start off with a square-shaped card.

so, i cut out teeny tiny squares in various purple and green cardstock (the purple squares are larger than the green squares). and then i created a mosaic tree with the colors! i tried to also create a fading effect by going dark to light (fromt he top to the bottom) with the green, and then light to dark with the purple (f that makes sense!) it was a little teedious cutting out all of the little squares, and glueing them down one-by-one, but it was easy, ha!

then i layered some ribbon on the card as well. i used the same technique i did before; glueing the white ribbon to the black ribbon, so it looks two-sided. can i ask why i haven't seen double-sided ribbon in the stores? it's so fun! in the meantime, i'll just keep making my own!

i also decided to add a little rub on bird on top of the tree. i think the mosaic tree definately needed a little birdie (the only thing this card is missing is my signature little, tiny hearts!).

thanks again for checking it out!


  1. Oh my! Not asking you how long it took to glue that tree together! Awesome Idea!

  2. Cute! What a great use of the squares! So glad you could join us in the Embellish Challenge.


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