Friday, March 10, 2017

you're so bow-tiful!

Hi there!
Samantha here, and today I'm sharing a cute and FUN way to make some embellishments with your brand new Sweet Stamp Shop Washi tape

Yes, bows!!! Bows are probably my FAVORITE thing to add to my scrapbook layouts, but they're cute as a little pop of color on planners, cards and paper clips! So, let's make some washi tape bows!

Here's what you'll need:

- a scrap piece of white carstock
- scissors
- pencil
- washi tape

And that's all! I know!
First, decide which two kinds of washi tape, you want to use to male your bows! Then, place strips of washi tape onto the cardstock and cut them out.

Next, you will need to do some folding. With your first strip, fold it in half, 

and then fold the flaps in half again, so you have an 'M' shape:

Next, using your pencil, draw a sort of 'bottle neck' shape, and cut out along the lines.

This is the shape you'll see, once you unfold it!

Use your strongest adhesive, and tape the flaps behind the middle of the bow shape.

Then, cut one of the strips of washi thin, and fold it three times to create the little part that goes in the center of the bow, like this:

Adhere it around the center and we're in the home stretch!

At this time, you can either use another strip of either the pattern of washi to create the ribbon parts that are under the bow. 
Fold your desired strip in half, and then, using your pencil again, draw a fishtail banner on the edges and another bottle neck pattern at the folded part:

Cut along the lines. And then unfold. Once it's unfolded, cut the piece in half:

All that's left to do now is to adhere each piece to the bow! 
These are SOOOOO fun to make and once you get going, you can make a bunch in a short amount of time!! I'm totally addicted to making these!

What's your favorite way to use washi tape? I LOVE using strips of washi on the sides of my cards, under photos on scrapbook layouts and in my planner, too!
Be sure to head over to the Sweet Stamp Shop online store to get your hands on the ADORABLE washi while you can!
Thanks again!

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  1. you are just so cleaver!!!! Those bows are to die for!!!!! I need a pineapple bow in my life right now!


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