Tuesday, February 25, 2014

like a boss - a newton's nook layout

hey there!
how is everyone doing today? i'm battling a bit of a late winter cold...but i'll power through! :)

today i'm over on the newton's nook blog! and i'm sharing this super fun, super colorful, and super bossy layout! :)

a few weeks ago i caught my cat making himself home on my craft table! scoot over markers, cutting board, paper and ribbon! phoenix is here! lol! he ddin't care what was there, as long as there was enough room for him to slide in. :)

i used a bunch of different newtons stamps for this layout! 2 of the kitties (and the paw prints) are frm newton's antics (LOOOOOOOVE that set!!) and then i used the little speech bubble from say cheese (my go to speech bubble! lol!)! in my mind, it is reminiscent of a purr! 

i even put newton hanging onto a polaroid frame - that newton is from newton's holiday mischief! (NOT just for holidays anymore!).

add a little (read: a lot) of washi, some wood veneers and some vellum - and this layout is complete! 
i LOVE scrapbooking with stamps - do you scrapbook? leave me a comment below - i would LOVE to check out what you have made! i'm always jones-ing for some good scrapbook blogs to follow! :)

head over to the newton blog and see what else is new! they just released 3 brand new stamp sets last week!! and they're awesome!!


  1. This is so adorable! - My kitties sometimes invade my craft space too. Mostly Hobbes just sits on my lap and the yells at me whenever I move a bit and disturb him! LOL!

  2. Fabulous layout, Sam! I love all the kitties hanging out all over and especially the pink thicker title!! As long as you don't get cat hair in your inks, I guess it's all good. LOL!


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