Friday, November 30, 2012

a long shot

well today i'm here with, what i'm calling, a real long shot! :) ha ha!

i have been wanting and wanting to get crafty for the lawn fawn winter 2013 challenge forever!!!! but this week has been a little rough. BUT i was finally struck with an idea, and it was just all i could think about for two days, so i had to make it real! :) instead of a card, i made a layout for the challenge - hence the long shot (among other reasons!!)!
this whole layout is created because of the title - the jackson 5 song. and yes, it's been stuck in my head ALL week now, so if it's now stuck in your head, my apologies!! :)

i created the background of the paper to look like a chalkboard with quinn's abc's. i think that's my favorite part! ha!
the title was made by stamping (more!) quinn's abc's and then i also used chevron backdrops to add a little subtle pattern to the letters. and then i stamped right on some washi with harold's abc's to complete the title! :)

i also used lots of my new tab dies (LOVE them!!) which i adhered to the layout with staples! i thought the tabs and the staples were really 'school-ish', and since this layout is all about preschool, that's what i was aiming for! :)

i actually did some journalling (a rarity for me!) on a tag i created, and that tag + tabs is another part i like about this layout! 
oh! forgot to mention, some of the tabs are covered in washi tape for some pattern and variety. i went with a subtle washi pattern - stripes! that's not too bad, right? :)

so that's my longshot entry! i hope to be back after i get crafty this weekend with a few more entries! :) and you should too! 
happy friday and enjoy! :)


  1. I always think that anything I make would be a long shot too, but this is super duper cute, girl!

  2. This layout is adorable! How long did it take to stamp that background? It looks amazing though. Yes, thank you now that song is stuck in my head. :-) I hope you make it so I can say I know someone famous!

  3. What a ca-yute layout, Sam!! I love it! I don't think your entries are long shots at all -- this layout and your card look amazing!! :D


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