Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gobble gobble!

last week i went to a petting zoo with my little menn, and there were turkeys there! and boy, i have to be honest here...they're pretty ugly! nothing like the cute little lawn fawn turkey ('turkey day' mini stamp set)!! ha ha!

anyway, it inspired me to make a thanksgiving card, just for fun! no challenges! :)

i came up with the idea of those little winter birds 'dressing' up like turkeys! ha ha!! can you see it? the little birds are from 'making frosty friends' and the turkey feathers are actually flowers from the 'petite floral's set! it made me giggle! my husband just shook his head and walked away.

he knows me too well!

this is how the scene plays out in my head:

real turkey - what the?!

mini fake turkey - yeah, i'm dressed like a turkey. deal with it. :)

anyway, happy thanksgiving to everyone!!

besides the usual gratefullness for family, friends, and health, i'm grateful everyday for the opportunity to share this crafty hobby with so many other like-minded people! i'm inspired every day at the craftiness of others online!



  1. LOL, my husband shakes his head at my silly cards, too! I just love this.

  2. HAHA now this one is adorable as well!!!


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