Sunday, May 15, 2011


i finally finished the quilt for my best friend's baby!

well, actually i finished it last week, but i am just now getting around to post it, and think about crafting! oh well!

here are some pictures of it:

it turns out i really like some of the purple fabrics, so that helped!

it's just a simple quilt, and i tied it, so it made it easier. but i'm glad it's done, and i'm glad that some day little hannah banana can lay on it - because it is super soft!

well that's that!

hopefully the next post won't be so late and it will scrapbook related!



  1. Whaaa Hooo! So glad you finished it! I really love the black and purple leaves fabric! We are going to need another excuse to go to J's! We need to skype!!!

  2. I still love the colors of this quilt!


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