Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my favorite colors

today's card is one that i made for the challenge that EAD is having; their modern seaside color challenge! the inspiration colors are below:

if you know me, you know that these are absolutely all of my favorite colors! i mean, teals and greens, um yes please! but i didn't want to over do it with the colors - i wanted them to just be accents. because almost as much as i love those colors, i love when they are combined with brown! yep! so here's what i did:

you may notice that the clouds are in different postions. well that's because i made the card so that clouds can move and reveal the 'sun'! i cut the clouds out and then glued them to brads. then i used an exacto knife to cut long slices through the card. i put the brads through and vwa-la! moveable clouds!

i also really like the sayings for this card. i wanted to use a sort of 'chain reaction' for the sentiments (the first line ends in 'you', the second line starts with 'you', the second line ends with 'love', and the third line starts with 'love'). neat, right?

now if i could just work on my stamping ability...

you may have also noticed that the tree is a rub-on from, you guessed it, EAD! i am officially in love with their run-ons.


thank you SO much for taking the time to comment! just like that, you made my day! :D